about-clare Angelia Robinson is a successful singer-turned-entrepreneur who finally found her calling with Pure Romance, the world’s largest woman-to-woman direct seller of relationship enhancement products. She began with the company in 2015 as a sales consultant, working her way up to Senior Executive Director and a member of the company’s Board of Directors.

A resident of Burleson, Texas, and a mother of five, Angelia is looking to inspire and empower as many women as she can through her work, through her book, and by example through her purpose-driven life. If you like Who R U?, she is hoping you will take a moment to give it a review on Amazon, on Goodreads, on Barnes & Noble, or through any of the online sites that sell and critique books.

Angie would also love to hear back from you directly at whorubio@gmail.com, where she promises to answer every email. Want to get connected with Angelia? Be sure to follow or friend her on social media. She can be reached via:

Facebook: angeliarobinson
Twitter: @partygirlangeli
Instagram: angeliaspureromance
Website: angeliarobinson.com
Snapchat: angeliaspr
TikTok: @angeliarobinson3